Children of Toronto in Canada are taken to the private schools to complete their schooling. The students attending private schools like Duke College have a better academic outcome than those studying in public schools. The parents prefer to send their kids to the private schools than to the public schools inspite of the high fee structure in the private schools. So what is the reason that sending children to private schools is worth it?

Why private schools are becoming the first preference for the parents to educate their child?

Inspite of such high fee structure the reasons behind this decision are many. The first and the foremost reason for choosing private school over the public school is for a better quality and way of education. The private schools imparts a better way of education which helps the students know and learn about new things. The mode of education are made interesting so that it can grab their attention and interest and becomes easier to absorb the lessons in their minds. Today it is very evident that children are more sharp and advanced in their thought process than their previous generations. Their psychology has altogether a different dimension which is to be dealt accordingly. Hence to move on with this pace different learning techniques are being introduced in private schools, one of which is the introduction of smart classes.

The second reason is small class size. The private schools generally believe in having small class size. The reason behind this is to pay complete attention to the students. Since the number of students are limited, the teachers are aware of each and every student. They are able to know the strength and weakness of the students so that they can work upon it towards improvement. Simultaneously the students get the opportunity to involve themselves in the class in a better way.

The third reason is other activities besides education. To groom a child completely a school needs to have an academic system which can impart various extracurricular and social activities. This is very necessary for a child’s complete physical and mental healthy development. Since these private schools have lees number of students hence they can introduce various activities to each and every child according to their interest. Social activities are very important to be given to children because it helps the children to walk hand in hand with the society and have a positive emotion towards the needy.

The fourth reason is exposure to the world. This is done by conducting various contests and programmes. Contests like debate, elocution, sports and many more can really build up a confidence level in the students. Boosting up their talents and interests are very important to give a positive hope towards their development both mentally and physically. After a survey it has been proved that the students of private schools are smarter and confident than the students of public schools.

The fifth reason is admission in good colleges and universities. A better groomed and confident student is the first preference for any college and university. A student with more exposure to the competitive world is always given the first place. As the private schools fits the bill for admissions, it is first preferred for the parents of today’s generation.

The sixth reason is a better attention towards students. Since the fee structure is high and a number of facilities are available in the private schools, the teachers are more sincere towards imparting the education and encouraging the students towards their talents and field of interest. Involvement of students in any field they choose to is highly appreciated so that the student is able to have a clear focus on their goal.

Wrap up: It has been surveyed that the students who have studied in private high schools are more likely to have socio-economic behaviour positively associated with academic success and also to have school peers with university-educated parents. The private schools have been accepted widely by the parents in Toronto. It has a tremendous effect on the student’s academic as well as social life. The building up of confidence and smartness help them a lot in future after they pass out schooling. A better future with a positive aspect towards it is what a student of private school is gifted with.